Vendor Portal Guide

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Welcome to the new and improved vendor portal system at The Guild!

Navigate via the tabs above in order to get more detailed instructions on each module in the vendor portal system.

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Change Your Password

To change your password, navigate to Profile -> My Account.

In the top right, hit the green button labeled Change Password. Then, follow the instructions.

Set Up Payments

To set up payments, navigate to Profile -> Payment Details. Select Bank Transfer, or select Paypal for automated payments. Enter the necessary payment information and hit Save.

If you want to be paid via Zelle, select Bank Transfer and include "Zelle" and your email associated with your account.

If you want to be paid via Venmo, select Bank Transfer and include "Venmo" and your venmo handle (e.g. @john-doe123).

If you want to be paid via Bank Transfer, select Bank Transfer and include your account and routing number.

If you want to be paid via Paypal, select Paypal, and enter the email associated with your Paypal account.

Adding a Product

To add a product, navigate to Products -> Product Listing. Then, select the button in the top right labeled Add Product.

  1. Enter a Product Name
  2. Select a Product Type from the dropdown. If the type that fits your product best can not be found, contact The Guild
  3. Enter a brief product description
  4. (optional) Upload an image (or multiple images) by clicking Upload Image in the top right and select an image from your computer
  5. Enter a weight for your product (in pounds)
  6. Enter a price for your product in US Dollars
  7. (optional) Enter a SKU or Barcode if known
  8. Enter quantities available at the Guild Store (if you are sending products to the store) or available via "Dropship From Vendor" (products that you have available to ship)
  9. Click Save Changes

Managing Variants

If your product has multiple options, like colors or sizes, follow these steps.

  1. When creating or editing a product, scroll to the bottom and click Add Variant in the section labeled Variant Details
  2. Under Option Name, select Size or Color.
  3. Under Option Value, select the different sizes or colors, each one followed by commas. (e.g. "S,M,L,")
  4. If your product comes in both different sizes and different colors, click Add another option and follow the same steps above
  5. Click Save Changes

Editing a Product

Navigate to Products -> Product Listing. Then, search for your product, click the three blue dots that correspond to that product, and select Edit. To disable a product, you can select Disable

You will receive orders via email. These emails will contain the products you are required to ship as well as a shipping label you can use to ship these products. We expect orders to be fulfilled within 48 hours of notice.

You can view individual order commissions under Orders -> Commission Listing.

You can see the total amount of payment due from The Guild via Profile -> Order Payments.

Orders for any given month will be paid out on the 15th of the following month. For example, sales in January will be paid February 15th.

For additional help, please contact, or call us at (773)-556-6440