Dopamine Dressing and Decor!

If the last few years have taught us anything it is that we have to find joy every day in the simplest and most effective ways!

As many of you already know through your Instagram feeds or shopping adventures COLOR is here to stay. Nothing makes us happier @The Guild than a colorful world!


Color is a mood enhancer, a complexion booster, a conversation starter and way to entertain yourself in your closet! We love the moniker #dopamine dressing! We also love the concept of #dopamine décor too!

Most people don’t have to do a big overhaul of their wardrobe or spaces. We advocate starting simply. You can shop your closet and mix and match pieces that you already own in new ways and new color combinations. You can recover old pieces of furniture with colorful pops or add layers of a little color with paint, pillows, accessories and throws. It is amazing how just a few changes can complete transform the way you feel in your spaces.

If you are a person who has lived comfortably in your world of black, white and beige it sometimes can be intimidating to “dip your toes” in the crayon box but there are so many resources available to guide your way. Here are some great tips in home design Most boutiques and personal shoppers are really hip to the color trend and can assist you in your color quest. We also suggest asking a stylish friend who embraces color in a way you admire to assist you in introducing color into your wardrobe.

Pop culture even has been embracing color in a big way! As an example, Barbiecore is the latest bright, vibrant trend defined by a lively pink. Check out to learn more.

If you live in Chicago or are passing through please come visit The Guild on Southport Ave. We would love to make your world a little brighter and have so many clothing and lifestyle options that can assist you in introducing color into your life in a unique and stylish way! If you check out our website at you can shop online as well for you and your home!