Crossing Over...

Anyone who is on any kind of social media often views a bevy of fashion images. Whether you are a “fashion” gal or guy probably dictates how much you pay attention to the details that flood your feed.

Laura and I LOVE stylish, accessible fashion! At The Guild we are committed to bringing unique pieces to “up the fashion game” in a sustainable and conscious way! Yes- it can be done!

Last year we introduced handmade Ethiopian brass crosses of all different sizes- each with unique chains- all one of a kind. They have been an instant hit with fashion focused folks!


Crosses have been worn through the ages as a religious symbol. I think in modern times they have also been embraced as symbols of love, protection and style as well. A large brass cross is a perfect layering piece in your jewelry collection.


Adding a cross necklace can take a plain turtleneck or t-shirt and make it WOW! Layered with other necklaces or more crosses- it all works! Great with maxi dresses too!

If anyone has missed the Kourtney Kardashian/Travis Barker Italian marriage celebration you will see crosses are a main focal accessory for the family.

The runways of Chanel, Dolce & Gabbana, LaQuan Smith and on the streets of Southport in Chicago- the cross necklace is a featured player!

Available on our website now! Click here.