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Mother's Day Gift Guide
  1. Green with Envy - Happy St. Patrick's Day

    Explore some of our favorite products to celebrate St Patrick's Day, and find more reasons to LOVE green!
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  2. Meet the Maker: YASOU Skin Care

    Learn from one of our makers, Terry Ntovas, Founder of Yasou Skin Care, as she shares her history as well as some crucial tips for proper skincare! She'll share some of her favorite products, what sets her apart, and why she loves what she does...
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  3. The History of Valentine's Day & Sustainable Gift Guide

    Have you ever wondered why we celebrate St. Valentine’s Day? So many holidays have interesting historical beginnings…or at least legends as to their origin. As we near February 14th I began to wonder- who is St. Valentine? Is there an actual person associated with this celebration? Any holiday that involves a bit of pink is reason enough to celebrate but I knew there had to be more to this sweet celebration!
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  4. It's me, Laura...

    My name is Laura McMahon and I am one half of this incredible adventure called The Guild. You know when you know you are onto something really good? The universe places amazing people in front of you who can help make your vision a reality!

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  5. It's me, Emily...

     I’m Emily and as a co-founder of the Guild I am excited to introduce our new blog series with my partner Laura. We met several years ago at an outdoor market and it was ❤️ at first sight and now it is ❤️ on this “site”…as we bring our vision to life for an e-commerce wonderland of fair trade, sustainable, artisan, and charitable products from all over the world!

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  6. How to Celebrate the Perfect Beach Birthday

    I am a beach enthusiast on every level! I love to walk them, swim off them, meditate on them, collect fun objects on them, kayak, paddle board, dive…you name it…if it involves a beach and water…I am all in! I am especially grateful now-when travel is tough- to have access to beautiful Lake Michigan beaches walkable from my house. I don’t need an ocean…a great lake is really GREAT!
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